How to Market Your Chiropractic Clinic for the Holidays

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Market Your Chiropractic Clinic

October is here, which means the holiday season is sneaking up faster than most anticipate. For a chiropractic clinic business, the holidays can signal many different things. Maybe you struggle with canceled appointments as families travel and attend festivities. Perhaps the holidays mark a decline in income for your practice. You may even be seeing more patients due to holiday-related injuries! No matter your practice’s situation during this busy season, it is a great time to try something new and seasonally charged in your chiropractic clinic marketing. 

Before you begin anything, choose your goals and budget for them accordingly. Do you want to increase your patient load? Would you like to see an increase in revenue? You may even want to sell more of a particular product you carry in your office. Once you have identified your goal, think about how much money and time you are willing to spend on your holiday market your chiropractic clinic to help reach those goals. Would it be in your best interest to solicit the help of a medical marketing agency? Then, check out these ideas and decide which ones fit your chiropractic marketing plan. 


Send holiday cards or e-cards

chiropractic marketing, Market Your Chiropractic Clinic

Building a community around your practice will keep patients coming back. One way to do this (and enrich your current community) during the holidays is by sending a card. A card can accomplish many things at once: wishing your patients a “happy holiday,” offering some holiday health tips, and reminding your patients to book an appointment before the end of the year. Don’t have the budget to send out physical cards with postage? Consider sending an e-card! E-cards are free, straightforward ways to remind your patients that you care. 


Attend seasonal fairs and trade shows

During the holiday season, community events are at an all-time high. Choose 1-2 local fairs or trade shows and sign up for a booth. Bring a table with festive decorations, promotional materials, and a great attitude! One fail-proof way to market your chiropractic clinic over the holidays is to get out in the community and connect with potential patients. 


Give back to the community

According to a survey by World Vision, 3 in 5 adults will donate to charities during the holiday season. Many charities in your area are already hosting food and toy drives. Place a donation box in your practice and challenge patients to bring items that you will deliver to a local food bank or shelter. Charitable giving reflects well on your practice and fits into your mission of caring for people.


Offer a new patient holiday promotion

If your marketing goal is to get new patients in the door, consider offering a new patient holiday promotion. You could advertise, “Stiff back from carrying the weight of those holiday gifts? Bad experience with a ladder while putting up decorations? Visit us for a new patient exam and first adjustment at only $X when you book before December 31st!” Your tagline could help potential patients reflect on reasons they may need an adjustment while also bringing more people to your practice. 


Tailor your online marketing to the season

‘Tis the season to holiday-spice up your social media presence. Consider hosting a holiday photo contest with a giveaway–you can connect with your patients and expand your reach in the community. Ask followers to post a photo of their holiday meal with a specific hashtag. Set and communicate the rules of the contest and the end date. Offer a gift certificate or promotional prize basket to the winners! 

Another easy social media marketing tactic is to create festive holiday ads tailored to your patients, promoting gift certificates as holiday gifts. Use your website to post holiday-themed blogs featuring tips to stay safe and healthy over the holidays. You can also link these blogs to your social media posts!


Help patients get the most of insurance benefits

The end of the calendar year is when many insurance plans also end. During the holidays, patients have to “use it or lose it” regarding services they have already paid for in their insurance. Remind patients that they may be wasting benefits they’ve already paid for if they don’t make it in before the end of the year. You can discuss insurance benefits with patients in an email blast, a social media post, or even in a call to action at the end of your holiday cards. 



Once you’ve set a goal and made a plan, get to work! Executing your holiday marketing plan early will benefit you by beating the competition to the punch. The holiday season is a busy time for patients and practitioners alike! If you need assistance marketing your chiropractic clinic, you can always enlist the assistance of a medical marketing agency. Contact Patient Care Marketing Pros in Birmingham, Alabama, today for a phone call to discuss how we can help your chiropractic clinic thrive this holiday season. We are a patient-focused and result-driven medical marketing agency that can help you provide patients with an excellent experience and triple your revenue.

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