3 Tips to Boost Your Healthcare Clinic This Winter

3 Tips to Boost Your Healthcare Clinic This Winter, Tips

Winter brings with it many joyful occasions: holidays, special meals with family, and visits from friends. For healthcare clinic owners, it also allows you to engage your current patients and welcome new patients into your practice! Check out these three simple tips to boost your healthcare clinic’s marketing.

Tips for Holiday-Centered Promotions

During the holidays, we are all exhausted from spending money. Your existing patients will appreciate a good deal, and you can also draw in new patients! Optical clinics could run a promotion centered around sunglasses–just because it’s cooler doesn’t mean the sun is any less damaging to your eyes. Another great optical promotion is offering free children’s lenses with the purchase of frames.

Dental clinics could offer a BOGO sale on dental supplies and market them as Christmas gifts. Many people would be thrilled to receive a high-quality electric toothbrush under the Christmas tree! Chiropractic clinics could offer gift cards at a discount as a stress reliever during this busy season. Connecting with a medical marketing agency can bring many more great ideas (that work!) to your practice. 

Remind Patients about their FSA Deadline

Your patients have enough to keep up with during the busy winter season. Many may forget that their Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) will not roll over in the new year. Most of these accounts are the “use it or lose it” type, with some exceptions. Any healthcare clinic could run a marketing campaign including the details on how patients could use their remaining funds before December 31st. Chiropractic clinics could suggest coming in for end–of–the–year adjustments or massage therapy appointments. Primary care clinics could remind patients that they are due for their yearly checkups at this time, as well. Ear, Nose, and Throat clinics may want to share a list of items that flexible spending accounts cover: hearing aid batteries and prescription eye drops, among many others. Patients are happy to spend their flexible savings accounts with you if you make it as simple as possible! 

Engage in Healthcare Digital Marketing

Consider what you do when you need information. The answer is probably to turn to the internet! Ramping up your healthcare digital marketing efforts can pay off in powerful ways during the winter season.

First, ensure that your clinic’s webpage has a blog where you can post relevant information. Just one blog post a month can drive up patient engagement and help grow your clinic. These posts can be informative or entertaining for your patients. You will have no shortage of topics, as people have many concerns during the holidays. Families might have questions about how to make the holiday meal as health-conscious as possible while planning. You can create a post sharing easy changes to classic holiday meals to make them healthier! Winter is the time when people are wondering about flu shots. As they start to ponder, you can post a blog about why flu shots are important, where they can get one, and how much it will cost. You have an opportunity to produce content that will alleviate many worries your patients already have. You will also build trust with your clients in this way. Creating content on your website will help to establish you as an expert in your field. If you feel unsure about your website or blog, consider enlisting the help of a medical marketing agency.

Another great thing about blog posts: you can share them! Link them in a marketing email you send out to patients. Post timely blog entries to your social media accounts, like Facebook. Ask your patients to engage with the post by posing a question. It can be as simple as “Do you have questions about the flu shot this year?” You can also ask holiday-related questions, like sharing a New Year’s Resolution. Asking questions on your social media pages can help you understand what your patients want to learn: their fears, questions, and desires. You can use this information to produce more quality online content. This way, you will create a dialogue with your patients and a community around your healthcare clinic. 


What’s Next?

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These are only a few of the many tried-and-true ways to boost your healthcare clinic this winter. Choose one to start with, then go from there. Don’t be afraid to get creative–your patients know and trust you for a reason. If you feel overwhelmed by healthcare digital marketing, it is best to contact professionals to keep your stress level down. Contact Patient Care Marketing Pros in Birmingham, Alabama, for all your marketing needs and concerns. We are a medical marketing agency staffed with professionals who will help you ensure your community knows about all the great things your clinic does during the winter season and throughout the year!

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