4 Ways to Improve Your Dental SEO

4 Ways to Improve Your Dental SEO

Improve Your Dental SEO

Years ago, it was simple for dental practices to bring patients through the doors. Dental marketing through word of mouth, community engagement, and even the Yellow Pages were essential tools people used to decide which practitioner would best fit their needs.

Fast forward a few decades–here we are in 2022. Today, the most reliable way to attract and keep patients is by appearing in the search results on Google. While it may feel like a mystical algorithm that you can’t understand, there are some simple steps to take to Improve Your Dental SEO chances of appearing on the first page of those search results. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving your website to help you rank higher on search engine results pages. Check out these simple tips to improve your dental SEO and get more patients in the door. 

Claim your Google Business Profile page

Your Google Business Profile is your business’s listing in the Google database–and it’s completely free! Claiming and maintaining your profile is essential to be noticed in Google searches. Chances are, Google has automatically created your profile. The next step is to claim your Google Business Profile. Once you have claimed your profile, it is essential to fill out all the required information. Doing this will help Google understand how to categorize your practice and its proximity to potential patients. 

If you have searched for a service, you know the first thing you see is the Google Map business directory. You may also hear this called the Local 3-Pack. The higher your ranking is on Google Maps, the more likely your business is to make it to the top three options. 70%+ of local searches click in the map 3 pack first when searching for a business meaning that potential patients are more likely to contact your office if you are listed on the Local 3-Pack. A medical marketing agency can be instrumental in deciding which steps to take to raise your ranking. To learn more about how to improve your ranking on Google Maps by yourself, get the free ebook from Patient Care Marketing Pros here.


Gain Reviews from Current Patients

Another reason claiming and maintaining your Google Business Profile is so important is that this is where people can leave reviews for your office. Reviews are essential for your practice’s success and greatly Improve Your Dental SEO. Not only can positive reviews act as a giant green flag to potential patients who are researching your office, but they also help to boost your visibility on Google Maps. Asking patients to review your practice can be nerve-wracking. Encouraging patients who have had a positive experience with your office to leave reviews online can be a game changer for your practice. If a patient is uncomfortable leaving a review, you have an excellent opportunity to ask them about their experience and make improvements.

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Post Fresh, Relevant Content on your Website

The information listed on your website–think Team Members, About Us, etc.–will probably remain static. It is important to produce original content regularly to have current updates, so customers keep coming back for new information. Creating a blog will allow you to talk about customers’ questions, present dentistry trends, and community events you are participating in. You could produce a blog about the process patients may experience when coming in for routine cleaning to ease their nerves, or you could post your expert review of a drug-store dental brand you want your patients to try out. Most importantly, a well-curated blog helps Improve Your Dental SEO. Your blog posts also give you a chance to speak directly with customers; let them get to know your voice, tone, and priorities. Once you have posted a blog, you can share the link back to your Google Business Profile to boost engagement.


Have a Social Media Presence

In the age of social media, having an active account is a great way to increase traffic to your website, engage with your patients, and Improve Your Dental SEO marketing efforts. These accounts are free to set up–think Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can share educational content from your website, like your blog posts. You can share informative content, like staff shout-outs and service highlights. You can also share entertaining content, like giveaways or even great dental jokes. (What is the best time to go to the dentist? We all know the answer, but it still brings a smile!) Each of these posts serves a different purpose, but they all work to promote your practice and get you noticed. When you do share them, make sure to include a link back to your website. These are called backlinks, and they help you because they tell Google that your page is important enough to be linked in a different place. Backlinks are great for SEO purposes! 



To Improve Your Dental SEO can be a challenge to take on alone, but the payoff from these simple steps can be massive. If this feels overwhelming, enlist the help of a medical marketing agency. These companies can conduct technical dental SEO analyses to ensure that your office isn’t falling behind in the competition. If you want to improve your dental SEO efforts, contact Patient Care Marketing Pros today to schedule a call! We are a patient-centered, full-service digital marketing agency committed to helping you get noticed online. 

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