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Medical Search Engine Optimization, Medical Digital Advertising


When it comes to getting found online, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a huge part in helping your business show up on Google, an even more direct way to get your practice in front of your ideal audience is through digital advertising. Digital advertising allows you to target potential patients exactly where they are and tell your practice’s story in a different way than you might not have been able to before. Through this, you’re able to not only create brand awareness but you’re able to highlight special seasonal offers that potential patients would want to take advantage of!

Types of Healthcare Digital Advertising We Perform:

  • Pediatrics Medical Digital Advertising
  • Physical Therapy Medical Digital Advertising
  • Podiatry Medical Digital Advertising
  • Primary Care Medical Digital Advertising
  • Urgent Care Medical Digital Advertising
  • Weight Loss Management Digital Advertising

Our Approach

Our medical digital advertising efforts at Patient Care Marketing Pros fall under 5 different categories:

Google Ads

Google Ads show your ad in search results when people actively search for your products or services. Through Google Advertising (or PPC) we even have the ability to target your competitors! Your potential patients turn to Google for research or to find companies that have the products and services they are looking to purchase. Advertising on Google positions your clinic right where they are searching, increasing the likelihood that they will choose you over the competition. And, unlike SEO, we have the ability to showcase special offers.

Google’s Search ads are text-based and require thoughtful messaging and intentional verbiage. Unlike other platforms, Google only charges you when your ad is clicked. We work very hard to make sure the Quality Score of your ad creates the optimal cost per click, giving you the best return on investment

That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to running outstanding Google Ads! While most agencies focus on vanity metrics like “reach” and “impressions, “ at Patient Care Marketing Pros, we are completely focused on generating new patients for your clinic through effective healthcare digital marketing services through Search Ads or Display Ads.

Here is the major difference between the two:

Search Ads

Search ads on Google are text-based and require intentional and thoughtful verbiage and messaging.

Display Ads

If Google Search is all about text, Google Display ads are all about visuals. Having captivating visuals for your clinic’s display ads is the best way to capture your potential patient’s attention.

YouTube Ads

The structure of TV has moved to an all digital format over the past few years and understanding this initially can be a little overwhelming! With these changes, you can’t just shoot a TV commercial and send it to your local stations. Now, people consume a lot of their content online through streaming platforms like YouTube. At Patient Care Marketing Pros, we have a clear understanding of user habits, platform capability, and can laser focus your message to the exact audience you want to see your ads.

YouTube ads are video based advertisements that pop up before a video plays, in the middle of a video, or at the end of a video. If you’re a YouTube user, you’ve absolutely seen these ads before! Because YouTube is a Google product, YouTube uses Google’s platform to track consumer preferences and habits to make it easier for you to aim your healthcare marketing efforts at your ideal target audience.

Types of YouTube Ads:

Skippable Ads

Skippable ads are the most popular type of YouTube Ads. They give users the option to skip to get to their videos.

Non-Skippable Ads

Non-skippable ads can either be long or short. Sort ads run between several seconds to 30 seconds. Like the name says, these ads are unskippable, however users can mute them. These ads have a higher visibility rate as well as higher cost per view.

Display Ads

Display ads appear to the right of the YouTube video box and are best optimized for desktops.

Overlay Ads

Overlay ads show up at the bottom of a YouTube video and take up around 20% of space. Like non-skippable ads, these are also best optimized for desktops. These aren’t the best ads to use to target a younger demographic since a majority of millennials and younger consume a lot on their mobile devices.

Bumper Ads

Bumper ads are excellent choices if you’re looking to avoid the skippable route but aren’t looking to pay the higher price tag for non-skippable advertisements. These ads are short and to the point so they need to be thoughtfully crafted.

Social Media Advertising

It’s no surprise to anyone that people spend a lot of time on social media! What if you had the ability to put your clinic in front of them as they scroll? Through social media advertising you have the ability to do just that! At Patient Care Marketing Pros, we can help your business run ads on Facebook and Instagram to help you start bringing in new patients and build your overall awareness for your clinic.

Our approach to Social Media Advertising is simple but incredibly effective.

Offer + Urgency x Audience = Qualified Leads

We believe that our formula, applied to the right clinic, has the potential to yield insane results. At Patient Care Marketing Pros, we have run successful advertising campaigns in the urgent care and medical space through Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Our Approach

Audience Targeting

Campaign Objective

Ad Development

Campaign Launch

Review and Improve


When a potential patient hits your website, a little piece of installed code tells Google to serve you ads over a certain period of time and this is what makes medical digital advertising incredibly effective! After visiting your website, your advertisements will follow them to other websites across Google’s network as they browse online. We sometimes call these “Stalker Ads” as they seem to just pop-up around you as you scroll online. Website retargeting helps you remain top of mind and encourage users to return to your website to book an appointment and learn more about your clinic.

Ready to take the next step?

At Patient Care Marketing Pros, we’re here to help develop an effective SEO strategy for your urgent care clinic, dental office, dermatology clinic, primary care facility, and beyond!

We believe in data-driven, mobile-first, and lead-generating marketing without the fluff or vanity metrics. Patient Care Marketing Pros can create a customized healthcare digital marketing plan that will give your clinic the visibility it needs to compete in today’s competitive landscape. At PCMP, we’ll assess your current rankings, see where you have some gaps, and help build out the perfect strategy to get your practice more qualified leads.