Setting Up Your Medical Practice’s Website for Conversions

Medical Practice's Website for Conversions, Medical Practice’s Website

Setting up your medical practice’s website design can be an overwhelming process. There are many things to consider, such as what you want visitors to see first when they click on your link, what kinds of pages to include in your menu, or how you can communicate your brand story clearly. Throughout the experience, one question repeats in your mind: what is the one online marketing element that will have the most significant impact on the results of my internet marketing efforts? While there isn’t a single magic answer here, you can take some easy steps to increase your conversions. This article will examine where your focus should be to turn your medical practice’s website visitors into new patients at your medical practice. 

Showcase Your Practice

The first rule of gaining conversions from your medical practice’s website is to be yourself. When designing your medical practice’s website, use authentic images of your medical practice and your team throughout. In doing this, you will build trust and help patients see your practice and staff as more than just stock images. Plus, arranging a low-cost photo shoot for your clinic has never been more affordable than it is today. Showing potential patients who you are will set you apart from other medical practices. 

Get the Basics of the Website in Order

Your medical practice’s website visitors will only turn into patients if they know how to contact you or make an appointment. Arranging your site so that this basic information is easy to find and prominent is an essential part of optimizing your website for conversions. The basics include several different things: 

  • Your phone number should be located in an easy-to-find spot. We suggest putting it in the top right-hand corner of your website pages. 
  • An option for online appointment booking is a way to provide visitors with a way to schedule an appointment without making a phone call. If this isn’t feasible for your practice, consider adding a contact form. 
  • Finally, add credibility by including authority symbols. Are you an Urgent Care Association (UCA) member or accredited by the Better Business Bureau? If so, add those symbols to gain the trust of your website visitors. 


Call To Action

call to action for a website, Medical Practice’s Website

This step should be obvious: if your website visitors aren’t sure what to do to contact you or book an appointment, they will likely move on to the next medical practice on their list. However, many practices neglect the clarity of a call to action on their websites. Providing visitors with an easy-to-locate button with phrases like “click to learn more” or “contact us now” is the

simplest way to ensure your visitors convert into patients. Make sure to add a clear call to action on every website page with obvious directions.  

Check Your Speed

We have all had this experience: you try to open a web page, but it takes forever. The “spinny wheel” pops up in the middle of the screen, and you have no choice but to exit the window. If your website speed is archaic, imagine how many potential patients experience this with your site! You can adjust two things to ensure your site works at maximum speed. First, simplify your site. If your medical practice’s website is jam-packed with complicated menus, flashing lights, and tons of unnecessary text elements or photos, it will take longer to load. If your site is simplified and you are still experiencing less-than-stellar speed, you may want to consider your web hosting service. Cheaper is not always better, and you do get what you pay for, so evaluate your needs and adjust your host if necessary. 


Optimize Your Medical Practice’s Website for Mobile Use

As a society, we rely heavily on our smartphones to gather new information–this is no different when researching which medical clinic to visit. Having your medical practice’s website optimized for mobile use is essential. If your medical practice’s website takes too long to load on a mobile phone, potential patients will move on to another clinic. If important information, like your phone number, is hidden or hard to find for mobile users, they will exit the page. These problems alone will crush your conversion rates. Along with ensuring your website is optimized for mobile use, cater to visitors using their smartphones. Consider adding a “call now” button as a call to action on one of your pages.


By utilizing these tools, you will be able to make your website the first stop in the journey for new patients. If you are looking for help designing and optimizing your website for maximum conversions, look no further– Patient Care Marketing Pros is here for you. We are a medical marketing agency located in Birmingham, Alabama, and we want to help you turn clicks into customers. You can access our past webinar here: for more ideas on how to optimize your website for conversions. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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