Urgent Care Marketing

Urgent Care Marketing


In today's constantly evolving healthcare landscape, urgent care marketing plays an important role in ensuring that patients are both aware of and have access to timely, quality care when they need it most. Gone are the days when patients solely rely on word of mouth or physical directories to find their next doctor, with the increasing need for convenient, on-demand medical services, urgent care centers are quickly becoming the first point of contact for many seeking access to non-emergency care. Effective urgent care marketing not only helps clinics set themselves apart from their competition and helps potential patients make informed decisions. 

Marketing your clinic is a multi-faceted approach! Using strategies like search engine optimization, digital advertising, and having a user-friendly website are our most recommended ways of making sure your clinic is found online. Urgent care marketing isn’t just about attracting new patients, it helps grow community relationships, elevate brand recognition, and much more!


At Patient Care Marketing Pros, we’re here to build the perfect urgent care marketing strategy for your clinic to help you improve your online visibility and bring in new patients. Here are the services we offer for our urgent care marketing clients:

Urgent Care SEO

Urgent care SEO is an essential part in connecting patients to your clinic. Most people turn to online searches to find their next doctor and a strong urgent care SEO strategy ensures that your clinic stands out amongst those results. With optimized content, local listings, and focused keywords, your urgent care clinic can rank high amongst your competitors.

Urgent Care Digital Ads

Urgent care digital ads help guide potential patients directly to your clinic! Digital ads ensure that your clinic is a standout choice. Using platforms like Google ads, social media ads, and YouTube Ads, you can leverage targeted campaigns to highlight your services, operating hours, and special promotions to increase patient volume.

Urgent Care Website Design & Development

Having a well-designed, optimized website offers patients easy access to essential information like your clinic’s services, operating hours, and location details. It’s important that your website is user-friendly, and mobile responsive to ensure that it is compatible across all devices to improve patient experience, instills trust, and reflects your clinic’s professionalism, and your ultimate commitment to your patient care.

Urgent Care Marketing FAQs

When it comes to marketing your urgent care clinic, we know you’re going to have a ton of questions whether it be about pricing, what strategies you should focus on, etc. Our team at Patient Care Marketing Pros is here to help! Here are some of the most common frequently asked questions we see within the urgent care space when it comes to marketing:

Ready to take the next step?

At Patient Care Marketing Pros, we’re here to help develop an effective urgent care marketing strategy for your urgent care clinic!

We believe in data-driven, mobile-first, and lead-generating marketing without the fluff or vanity metrics. Patient Care Marketing Pros can create a customized healthcare digital marketing plan that will give your clinic the visibility it needs to compete in today’s competitive landscape. At PCMP, we’ll assess your current rankings, see where you have some gaps, and help build out the perfect strategy to get your practice more qualified leads.