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Digital advertising is a critical asset for urgent care clinics looking to attract patients needing immediate care. Through Google ads, clinics can target their service areas so that their ads appear at the top of search results for searches like “urgent care near me.” Social media ads are great for creating brand awareness and staying at the top of patient’s minds when they need care in the future. These ads will direct them to optimized landing pages that provide all of the essential information they need to book an appointment!

The digital ad landscape offers analytics to track metrics like click-through and conversion rates, helping clinics make data-driven decisions. However, when running urgent care digital ads, it’s of the utmost importance to comply with healthcare privacy regulations like HIPPA. Digital ads offer urgent care clinics a cost-effective method of reaching their target audience to start bringing in new patients on a consistent basis.

Why are digital ads important for urgent care clinics?

Running digital ads for urgent care clinics is a great way to provide a targeted and immediate way to reach potential patients when they need quick and convenient medical attention. Unlike traditional healthcare settings, where patients often plan out visits, urgent care is searched for when there is an immediate medical need but doesn’t warrant a trip to the emergency room. Potential patients turn to Google or social media for quick solutions, making your online visibility an essential component of your overall marketing strategy and utilizing urgent care digital ads can help share important information such as your location, services offered, and operating hours to help make their decision easy! In an industry where timing and convenience are of the essence, urgent care digital ads provide clinics with the tools to reach their target audience, in their desired locations, when their services are the most needed.

Our Approach to Urgent Care Digital Ads

Our approach to Urgent Care digital ads can be broken down into a few categories. Google Advdertising, Social Media Advertising, and Retargeting. Each of these requires a little bit of a different process but our main goal is always the same, to help new patients find your clinic. Here’s a breakdown of how each of them work:

Google Ads

What if you could position your clinic in front of your ideal patient when searching on Google? We bet that would result in more patients coming through your doors. Google Advertising, also known as PPC or “Pay-Per-Click,” offers you the ability to do just that. These strategies fall into two different categories:

Search Ads

Google Ads for urgent care clinics help position your ads in the search results right where patients are currently seeking the services you offer. We even have the ability to target your competitors directly! When potential patients are searching for urgent care services, your ads show up right in their search, making the chances that they pick your clinic over others higher. Unlike SEO, urgent care Google Ads allows us to feature special promotions or offers, making patients even more inclined to visit your clinic.

Ads on Google Search are text-focused with crafted messages and specific wording. The platform operates on a “Pay-Per-Click” model meaning that you only get charged ad spend when someone clicks on your ad, rather than other platforms that charge on impressions.

Display Ads

If Google Search focuses on text, then Google Display is all things visual! Creating eye-catching visuals for your urgent care digital ads is essential in drawing attention to your campaign. At Patient Care Marketing Pros, we make sure that the graphics for your Google Ads campaigns capture interest but also convey the right message to help your offers have a competitive edge.

The Google Ads Display Network is a platform that spans over 2 million websites and reaches 90% of internet users. Through this, your urgent care ads have the potential to be showcased across a vast array of websites, mobile applications, and video content.

Display advertising can be broken down into two categories:

Website Retargeting

When a potential patient lands on your website, there is an embedded piece of code that tells Google to display your urgent care ads to them over a specific amount of time. This results in your ads appearing across different websites across Google’s network that they visit afterward. The objective of these ads is to ensure that your clinic and your clinic’s offer stay at the forefront of your potential patient’s mind encouraging them to revisit your website and increasing the chances that they book an appointment.

Behavioral Advertising

People use Google to search for a wide variety of healthcare services. With behavioral advertising, we can target individuals online who frequent certain websites or have searched for services your clinic offers. When they enter keywords or visit these websites, your ads will be displayes on their devices.

YouTube Ads

Over the past few years, the urgent care ads landscape has shifted more towards digital platforms. Just using billboards or a TV spot no longer works for urgent care marketing as a large portion of potential patients are consuming content on streaming platforms like YouTube. YouTube is the second most rapidly growing search engine (behind Google.) Working with a healthcare marketing team that knows the ins and outs of the platform, and understands patient behaviors can bring in quality leads for your clinic. 


YouTube video ads are versatile promotional tools that appear at different points during a video. For example, if someone goes to YouTube to watch a tutorial on first aid techniques, an ad for your urgent care clinic might appear before the video, in the middle of the video, or at the end of the video. This format allows you to connect with one of the most extensive and diverse audiences in the advertising landscape.

Given that YouTube is owned by Google, YouTube Ads are a part of the Google Display Network, which provides advanced tracking in place to monitor behavior and preferences to help you make informed decisions and help you target your ideal patient.

Types of YouTube Ads

Skippable Ads

Most common type of YouTube Ad, however, advertisers have the option to use non-skippable ads, bumper ads, display ads, and overlay ads.

Non-Skippable Ads

Long or short form videos, with short ones running from between several seconds to more than 30 seconds. With these ads, there is no option for the viewer to skip them, although they can mute the audio. These have a higher visibility rate as well as a higher cost per view.

Display Ads

Appear to the right of a YouTube video and are optimized for desktop device.

Overlay Ads

Display on the bottom of the video and take up about 20% of the space. Much like display ads, overlay ads are optimized for desktop devices.

Bumper Ads

Make excellent choices if you who don’t want to go the skippable route, but don’t want to pay the higher price tag of non-skippable ads.

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is a great avenue for urgent care clinics to reach targeted potential patients in real-time. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok allow clinics to target demographics like age, location, or even healthcare interests. These great tools for urgent care clinics to help with brand awareness within their community while promoting their services like seasonal flu shots or sports physicals.

Facebook and Instagram

Facebook is a community-centric platform that offers urgent care clinics to connect with their target audience while Instagram is more often the “platform of visual engagemen.” These platforms allows us to target specific demographics like behaviors, healthcare needs, different age ranges, families, etc. We also have the opportunity to target people who have interacted with your pages previously. Facebook and Instagram Advertising are great for helping with brand awareness in your area. These types of campaigns are especially great for grand openings, special offers, etc.


As one of the fastest growing social media platforms, TikTok’s advertising tools allow you to create informative videos that raise awareness and educate your viewers. These short form videos are perfect for quickly capturing your ideal patient’s attention to get them to book an appointment.


No matter how you’re advertising, one of the most important processes is retargeting. Through retargeting, we have the ability to re-engage visitors who have checked out your ads or visited your website. That way you consistently stay top of mind as they’re searching for medical care.

Our Results

We help urgent care clinics, like yours, triple their patient volume through urgent care digital ads. Here are some case studies of clients we’ve helped get better search rankings!

Your Kids Urgent Care

Aspen Medical Center

Birmingham Wellness Massage

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