How To Use Canva for your Healthcare Marketing (Without Being a Design Expert)

canva healthcare marketing

With today’s healthcare marketing strategies being heavily influenced by visual content it’s important that clinics take advantage of this. Having engaging visuals are a great way to connect with patients as it creates trust and credibility with your clinic’s services. It can also help break down complex medical jargon into comprehensible, easy-to-read information. In fact, recent studies have shown that 82% of consumers are able to retain and recall a brand more effectively when being exposed to visual content. However, it can be a little bit intimidating to start creating this content if you don’t have a design background or know where to get started. This is where Canva can come in handy.

Canva is a user-friendly design tool with plans ranging from $0-$30. Whether you’re looking to design an infographic explaining a medical procedure, a catchy social media post, or a presentation for your team, Canva is a great place for all of your design needs. Here are some tips on how to use Canva for your healthcare marketing (without being a design expert.)


Consider the Pro Version

The first thing is deciding what version of Canva you’re going to have. While Canva offers a free version of the app, upgrading to the Pro version unlocks even more design possibilities. Canva Pro opens up even more premium crafted templates that can take your graphics up a notch, making them look more professional and refined. It also gives you access to tools like the magic eraser which allows you to remove certain aspects of your photos, the background remover which allows you to remove backgrounds from images, and more! 


Utilize Your Brand Colors + Fonts

The biggest thing when creating graphics for your clinic is making sure that your designs have specific colors and fonts that align with your clinic’s brand identity. This is important to have a cohesive look in your visual elements to strengthen brand recognition. When your posts are consistent across your platform, it shows a level of professionalism and intention. Canva allows you to save your brand colors and fonts through their brand kit feature (if you have the Pro version.) That way everything is available to you with a single click so you’re not searching high and low for what elements you need when you’re working on your designs. 


Take Advantage of Templates

A cool feature that Canva makes easy for non-designers is their library full of crafted templates to fit your needs. Whether you’re looking to make social media posts, infographics, flyers, blog graphics, and more, Canva has got you covered. A highlight of using Canva is its user-friendly interface which allows you to navigate through the types of graphics you’re wanting to create! Once you have your template selected, you can change out the colors, fonts, or even the preset verbiage to create the design you want in a snap. The ability to customize your graphics is seamless and accessible when you’re using software like Canva.


Invite Your Team

Once you have your brand kit created and templates set up, it’s time to bring your team into the mix. Canva offers a collaborative feature that allows you to invite your team members into your workspace. This gives your staff the opportunity to collaborate with designs you’ve created and access the preset designs you’ve created in your account. It also allows a centralized place to store all of your assets so that anyone that needs to can locate, modify, and utilize your designs as needed to streamline the design process.

Create a Content Calendar

Another helpful tool Canva has is its content planner. The content planner gives you a bird’s-eye-view of your social media posts to help you strategize your social media content. It helps your team have an understanding of what is in the content queue and gives a tangible sense of how your feed is going to flow aesthetically. Not only does the content planner allow you to map everything out, but it also has the ability to directly publish posts to your social platforms which can consolidate the amount of software you’re using. 


High-quality graphics play a pivotal role in capturing people’s attention in today’s digital space. Taking advantage of tools out there like Canva is a great way to get started, especially if you are unsure about your design abilities. With so many template options, photo editors, fonts, and colors to choose from, you can create endless amounts of content for your healthcare marketing efforts.


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