Your Kid's Urgent Care

Your Kid's Urgent Care

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Your Kid’s Urgent Care, formerly known as Evening Pediatrics Urgent Care, was founded in 2007 by Michael Cibran, with the desire to provide after-hours medical care, without the expense of the Emergency Room.

With their six locations, Your Kids Urgent Care aims at creating a calm and soothing environment while providing exceptional care to infants, children, and adolescents when their primary care physician’s office may be closed or unavailable.

Your Kids Urgent Care serves as the intermediary between a child’s primary care physician and the Emergency Room. When children get sick after-hours or on holidays, parents shouldn’t have to make the troublesome decision of either going to the Emergency Room or doing nothing. Your Kid’s Urgent Care offers these families some middle ground.

The Challenge

Increase rankings and visibility for a local urgent care that specializes in caring for children. Local competitors have been in the area for a while and the public was being educated on pediatric focused urgent care.

The Strategy We Implemented

Build website that is fun and themed for a pediatric based urgent care

Increase rankings for all urgent care locations with concentration on symptoms and “urgent care near me”

Implement Google Ads campaign to supplement leads until rankings hit page 1

The Results

38% increase in patient load

45% increase in call volume

115% increase in website traffic