Poseidon Spa


SERVICES: Google Ads (2023)


Poseidon Spa is a luxurious wellness destination located in the serene suburb of Mountain Brook, near downtown Birmingham. The spa offers a wide range of personalized treatments, including massage therapy, skincare, nail services, and waxing.

The Challenge

Situated within the prestigious Grand Bohemian Hotel, Poseidon Spa aimed to attract more hotel guests to utilize their spa services while also reaching out to customers from the local Birmingham area. They approached us with the challenge of increasing their customer base and maximizing their spa bookings.

The Strategy We Implemented

To address the objectives set by Poseidon Spa, we implemented a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that included leveraging Google Ads as a primary tool. Our approach was designed to create highly targeted and intentional ad campaigns to promote the spa's services effectively.

Targeted Ad Campaigns: We developed strategic ad campaigns that specifically targeted potential customers interested in wellness experiences, relaxation, and beauty services. By using advanced targeting techniques, we ensured that the ads reached the right audience at the right time.

Compelling Offers and Clear Call to Action: To entice potential customers, we crafted persuasive ad copy with compelling offers and clear calls to action. By highlighting the unique features and benefits of Poseidon Spa, we encouraged users to take immediate action, such as booking a spa appointment or exploring the services further.

Split Testing for Massage Services: To optimize the ad campaigns further, we conducted split testing, particularly focusing on massage services. By analyzing the data from the initial campaigns, we identified which messaging and visuals resonated the most with the target audience. This data-driven approach allowed us to refine the campaigns and maximize their effectiveness.

The Results


  • 47 unique phone leads, 138 click to schedule conversions
  • 8364 impressions, 886 clicks, 179 conversions, 20.20% conversion rate
  • $987.04 cost, $1.11 cost/click, $5.51 cost/conversion


  • 41 unique phone leads, 170 click to schedule conversions
  • 8773 impressions, 1167 clicks, 213 conversions, 18.25% conversion rate
  • $1012.70 cost, $0.87 cost/click, $4.75 cost/conversion


  • 55 unique phone leads, 138 click to schedule conversions
  • 9848 impressions, 1302 clicks, 198 conversions, 15.21% conversion rate
  • $1013.23 cost, $0.78 cost/click, $5.12 cost/conversion