Aspen Medical Center

Aspen Medical Center

SERVICES: SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Social Media Management

About Aspen Medical Center

Aspen Medical Center is a state-of-the-art urgent care and primary care center in Santa Fe, NM. They see patients of all ages and have on-site x-ray and lab services available. Patients can check-in online to hold their spot and be texted when it’s time to be seen. Aspen Medical Center provides efficient, compassionate, and high-quality service as a convenient and less expensive alternative to the emergency room.

The Challenge

Aspen had advertised several ways including billboards, busses, publications, and radio, but wanted to increase their patient load through digital marketing.

In addition to lead generation, they also wanted to continue building their brand on social media in order to better connect with their community.

The Strategy We Implemented

Search engine optimization (SEO) targeting specific urgent care related keywords to increase local visibility

Google Ads campaigns created to provide clear and intentional call to action for the Santa Fe community when they need urgent care the most

Social media management to build creditability and brand recognition

The Results

29% increase in call volume

40% increase in website traffic from organic search