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At Patient Care Marketing Pros we help get the Best ROI-Focused Digital Marketing Strategies for Medical Practices and Urgent Cares to Generate More Local Patients and Foster More Organic Growth.

Patient Care Marketing Pros

“In today’s world, every clinic needs a good digital strategy. They were able to implement and execute a digital plan that increased our patient load to the point we had to hire another physician.”

-Your Kid’s Urgent Care

"Nick and his team are amazing! Such great people to work with and I trust them 100%."

–Leslie Ellison, Weigh to Wellness

“In today’s world, every clinic needs a good digital strategy. They were able to implement and execute a digital plan that increased our patient load to the point we had to hire another physician.”

-Your Kid’s Urgent Care

See how Patient Care Marketing Pros
a clinic’s organic
traffic by 115% in
one year
and drove
45% more calls to
their clinic.

How We Can Grow Your Practice With A Healthcare Marketing Strategy

At Patient Care Marketing Pros, we help urgent care clinics and healthcare practices, like yours, generate new patients through digital marketing strategies like Search Engine Optimization, Digital Ads, and Website Design. Patient Care Marketing Pros is healthcare marketing agency that actually cares about the success of your healthcare marketing efforts. Urgent Cares are a big part of our company, but it’s just a fraction of what we’re able to do with healthcare marketing in the healthcare space. At Patient Care Marketing Pros, we not only work with urgent care clinics, but we also help in other areas of healthcare marketing like dental marketing, dermatology marketing, optometry marketing, pain management clinic marketing, podiatry marketing, and much more! Because of the nature of your services, a well-rounded digital marketing strategy is critical to the success of your practice.

Wondering if we work with your industry? Schedule a call with a member of our sales team to see if we’re a good fit for your practice.

Our Services

Search Engine Optimization

There are thousands of searches everyday for your services! With a specific SEO strategy for your clinic, we help people find you and not your competition. At Patient Care Marketing Pros, we have a completely unique approach to Search Engine Optimization that simply isn’t being done in the healthcare industry! While other marketing companies are focused on ranking keywords on page one of Google, we are focused on generating qualified new patients for our medical practice clients.

Digital Advertising

SEO takes time! Start getting new patients quicker by showing up on page 1 with paid advertising. Your potential patients turn to Google for research or to find companies that have the products and services they are looking to purchase. Advertising on Google and Facebook platforms positions your clinic right where they are searching. Patient Care Marketing Pros can increase the likelihood that they will choose you over the competition.

Website Design

We design mobile-first websites for urgent care clinics, dental offices, dermatology practices, and more that are built to convert and easily link to your existing patient portal. At Patient Care Marketing Pros, we believe that each website we create at its core is designed to convert visitors into new patients. We do this by directing traffic throughout the website so that your visitors have a clear call to action that is entirely based on how we are driving traffic to your practice’s website.

The Best Part?

It’s a 3 step formula!

Our team at Patient Care Marketing Pros has a proven formula when it comes to medical marketing that will help your clinic bring in new patients on a predictable basis. We know that your clinic is unique and that means that our strategy cannot be a “one-size-fits-all” approach. That’s why we’ve created our 3 step system to help ensure that we create the best marketing strategy based on your specific needs.


Get Your Digital Footprint

See what your practice looks like online! A digital footprint will allow you to take a look at what’s working and what areas could use some improvement. Once you’ve received your digital footprint, we can go over all of the results with you to help create the best digital marketing strategy for your clinic.


Generate More Patients

After we’ve gone over your digital footprint with you, we’ll then develop a marketing strategy to fill in the gaps of what your practice is missing to help generate more patients. This could include a new website, SEO, Google Ads, etc. We know that each practice is different so your strategy will be unique to your business!


Turn Clicks Into New Patients

Filling in these gaps with a crafted custom digital marketing strategy specific for your practice’s needs will improve your digital footprint and will start driving traffic to your website or landing page so that you can convert them into new patients!

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Industries We Serve

Throughout the years we have taken our formula and helped healthcare providers across the country improve their marketing efforts. Here is a list of the industries that PCMP serves:




Massage Therapy



Pain Management


Physical Therapy

Primary Care

Urgent Care

Weight Loss Management

Don’t see your industry in this list? We can still help! Schedule a call with a member of our
sales team to see if we’re a good fit for your practice.

Why Work With Us

Full Marketing Team

Hiring a full time, in house staff member can cost up to $75,000 a year plus benefits like insurance, vacation, sick time, etc. Our healthcare marketing agency offers services that are a complete fraction of that cost plus you will be backed by the skills of our entire marketing team!

No Contracts

Look, we believe in doing the right thing. We ask for 12-month agreements, but no hard contracts. Any client can leave with a 30-day notice. Promise!

Nothing Outsourced

Everyone that works on your account is from the USA and not outsourced overseas. We are all trained with the latest techniques, we get the “nerd” comment often.

Honest Billing

No smoke and mirrors here. You pay for our services and pay for the ad spend separately. No guesswork on where your money goes.

Hear What Our Clients Have To Say

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"Walk-Ins Welcome: A Medical Marketing Podcast" is a weekly podcast hosted by Nick Hoard and Michael Ray from Patient Care Marketing Pros! Join Nick and Michael every week as they bring you new episodes to help you change the way you're marketing your medical practice. With helpful tips, inspiring stories + interviews, and insight into the world of digital marketing, you're sure to listen and feel motivated every week.


Are You Ready To Get More Patients To Your Practice?

As a provider in the medical space, we know your day to day is busy especially in the current times we’re in and we know that bringing new patients in can often feel overwhelming. There’s a good chance that you just don’t have the time to think about your healthcare marketing efforts like optimizing your SEO, running and adjusting your Google Ads, or redesigning your website. That’s why we want to help!

We’ll start with your digital footprint. This allows us to get a clear view of what your medical practice looks like online! It shows what is doing well, what isn’t, and where we can fill in the gaps. Having the digital footprint helps us create the perfect digital marketing strategy for your clinic.